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The Gifted Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

In the previous episode of The Gifted, Reed was finally able to use his mutant powers in a useful way. Thanks to him, the Mutant Underground was able to escape from the Purifiers once again. However, Reed's powers have continued to spiral out of control. Jace and the Purifiers managed to successfully spin their actions in the media to make themselves look good. Meanwhile, the Inner Circle has been preparing for an important heist. In The Gifted Season 2 episode 7, the Inner Circle's plan finally came together. But not without some deadly complications.
In the wake of their recent setbacks, Thunderbird told Eclipse that he thinks the Mutant Underground is dying. Other cells in the organization seem more interested in joining the Inner Circle than in the fight for the dream started by the X-Men. Eclipse also shared his belief that Blink has been showing more loyalty to Erg and the Morlocks. Thunderbird eventually brought it up with her. Blink admitted that she had been stealing food for the Morlocks and sharing intel with Erg. Blink says it as the only way she could help Thunderbird and the Underground when they would not otherwise accept it.
Reed's powers began destroying the Strucker family's apartment, especially in his room. Blink suggested bringing Reed to the Morlocks, but it was eventually decided to take him back to the abandoned clinic. Reed was so paranoid about losing control that he did not want his daughter, Lauren, to ride with him as they traveled to the clinic. Later, Caitlin and Lauren located a research assistant who worked with Reed's father. After Reed's power flare ups temporarily subsided, he agreed with his plan to see his father's colleague for help.
Jace kept fighting his wife's attempt to finalize their divorce even though she refused to talk with him. Shortly thereafter, Jace was introduced to Benedict Ryan, an anti-mutant TV personality and a key player in the Purifiers. Ryan told Jace that he wanted to put him on television as the new face of the Purifier movement. However, Jace was reluctant to bash his old friends at Sentinel Services. Eventually, Jace agreed to go to Ryan's show and criticize his old organization without naming names. But just as they were about to go forward, they heard about the attack on Creed Financial.
In a flashback to eight years ago, Reeva was depicted as a more idealistic mutant activist until her group was viciously attacked by humans. In the present, Reeva seduced and man named Quinn who works at Creed Financial. After winning his trust and his heart, Reeva used the Frost sisters to bring Quinn to their headquarters. They forced Quinn to help them disable Creed's mutant detection tech.
Reeva displayed some empathy and even affection for Quinn, but she still went through her plans. While there, Reeva ordered the Frost sisters to make a high ranking Creed employee confess to their crimes against mutants. Meanwhile, Rebecca struggled with the adamantium vault before she was finally able to turn it inside out. Once inside, the Inner Circle transferred vast amounts of money from Creed's accounts. With the cops on the way, the Inner Circle prepared to leave. However, Rebecca was incensed by the bigoted Creed employee. She disobeyed Reeva's orders and massacred all of her employees with her powers. Even Reeva was shocked and horrified by Rebecca's actions. But Rebecca took pleasure in the deaths she caused.
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